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Do not, under any circumstances, should not exceed a total daily dose of 1.5 mg / kg. The recommended concentration with clomid for menĀ intravenous infusions of the drug is 10 mg / 100 ml (100 U / ml).

There is no special recommendations for dosage or precautions.

Preparation of the solution

Recovering as follows: initial concentration of 5 mg of amphotericin B per 1 ml of solution initially achieved by rapid injection via a syringe with a sterile needle (the minimum diameter 20 gauge) with 10 ml of sterile water for injection, without additives bacteriostatic substances directly into the vial with lyophilized powder. Immediately after that, the bottle is shaken until a colloidal solution until obtains transparency. Infusion solution at a concentration of 10 mg / 100 ml is attained by further dissolution (1:50) with a 5% dextrose solution for injection with a pH of about 4.2. Before ispopzovaniem pH check each vessel containing dextrose for injection. The discharge of the day commercial dextrose injection typically has a pH of about 4.2. However, if the pH is below 4.2, add a 1 or 2 ml of the buffer solution to dextrose injection, before it can be used for introducing the concentrated solution of amphotericin. Before adding to a solution of dextrose for injection or a buffer sterilized by filtration through a bacterial filter or autoclaving for 30 minutes under a pressure of 1 atm. (121 degrees Celsius).

All work must be carried out with strict adherence to aseptic technique, since no solution bacteriostatic agents and preservatives. It should not be used to restore the drug with saline. The use of any solvent other than those recommended, or adding a bacteriostatic solvent can cause precipitation of amphotericin B in the precipitate. Do not use the initial concentrate or the infusion solution if there is any evidence of foreign contaminants. For intravenous infusion fungizone can use a special membrane filter connected to the catheter for intravenous injections. However, the average pore diameter of the filter should not be less than 1 micron to disperse fungizone solution passed through the filter. Do not add to the solution for infusion any other drugs for intravenous administration, as well as to introduce them into the catheter for intravenous fungizone.


Do not use the drug to treat patients with hypersensitivity to amphotericin, unless, in the opinion of the attending physician, the condition requiring treatment is life-threatening and amenable only therapy Fungizone.

It usually takes a long amphotericin B therapy. Often there are unpleasant reactions upon parenteral administration of the drug at therapeutic doses. Some of these reactions are potentially dangerous. In this regard, amphotericin B should be administered parenterally only in-patients or those who are under constant medical supervision. If the level of blood urea nitrogen greater than 28.6 mmol / L or serum creatinine greater than 260 micromol / L, administration of the drug should be discontinued or substantially reduce the dose to improve renal function. It is also recommended that the definition of a weekly blood counts and potassium levels in plasma. When treating amphotericin cases also marked reduction in the plasma levels of magnesium. Amphotericin Treatment should be discontinued if the results of liver function tests are different from the norm (Enhanced bromsulfapeinovaya sample, levels of alkaline phosphatase and bilirubin). Do clomid for menĀ not mix with amphotericin prescribe corticosteroids, except when they are necessary for the suppression of drug reaction. Other nephrotoxic antibiotics and anticancer drugs should not be administered concurrently with amphotericin B; if necessary, this should be very careful.