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Calcium folinate enhances the therapeutic and toxic effects of fluorouracil. Use in combination with other cytostatics and interferon-alpha may also be seen as an enhancement of the antitumor effect and toxicity . Prolonged joint application with mitomycin C was observed the appearance of hemolytic uremic syndrome.
Clomid for women should not be used after the association with therapy phenylbutazone and sulfonamides.
Chlordiazepoxide, disulfiram, griseofulvin and isoniazid may enhance the activity of 5-fluorouracil.
Due to the fact that in the treatment of fluorouracil may suppress natural defense mechanisms, vaccination is recommended that some time after the end of treatment fluorouracil: an interval ranging from 3 months. up to 1 year.

Side effects caused by taking fluorouracil, may adversely affect the administration of vehicles.

Special indications
Fluorouracil is a cytotoxic drug, so in dealing with them must be careful. When stomatitis or diarrhea drug treatment should be discontinued until the disappearance of these symptoms.
Caution must be exercised in the appointment of patients previously exposed to higher doses of radiation to the pelvic area, or been treated with clomid for women alkylating agents.
In the period of treatment is necessary to control the total number of leukocytes, the absolute number of neutrophils, platelets hemoglobin, the activity of “liver” tests and bilirubin levels, examine the cavity of the patient’s mouth for signs of thrush.
Men and women of childbearing age during treatment ftoruratsidom and for at least 3 months should use reliable methods of contraception

Product Form
In 3 ml or 5 ml in neutral glass ampoules. 10 ampoules clomid for women in a cardboard box with the accompanying instrumentation for use. In 5 or 10 ampoules in blisters, 1 or 2 contour packaging in a carton box with enclosed instructions for use.